We debate about values, beliefs, and ethics, but we often ignore something vital that affects important areas of our life. What we see has unbelievable amount of impact on our minds. Sometimes, it is not even about ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it is about the images in your mind and their power over you.

There is a famous thought experiment called ‘Pink Elephant’. If I say, ” Please DO NOT think about pink elephant for the next five minutes”, then most probably, you WILL think about the pink elephant. And it has got nothing to do with you being a good or a bad person. It is just the way the mind works. Visuals are powerful. Our thoughts also consist of visuals and that’s why it is important to talk about this.
While I was thinking about this topic, I remembered my childhood, where I was exposed to interesting set of visuals. On one hand, I saw a lot of ‘bad guys’, blood, violence in the films (because of a family member who loves such movies). But on the other hand, I remember images of monks (again, because of a family member). Watching television is not a big thing, but I am startled to observe the impact of these two set of images on my life and my persona. Till date, these images have a lot of power over my mind. Of course, how I interpreted those images are also a factor. I mean, I can either choose to fight the bad guys, or be the bad guy or become passionate about understanding the dark side of human nature. One might say that the kind of images we keep in our mind defines who we are, but it’s not so easy. As a child, you cannot  choose what you are exposed to and childhood is a time, where you are open to everything.  We cannot change the past, but we can certainly change the present and the future. We don’t have control over everything we see. But we can control the little things like a wallpaper on our phone. This sounds absurd but for the subconscious mind, there is no ‘small’ or ‘big’ things. It absorbs everything. The little things get registered in our minds and they add up. Indian cricketer Virat Kohli once said in an interview, that when he plays test cricket, he keeps his room orderly. Now this has got nothing to do with cricket but he says that he believes in giving himself the best chance. Of course, your problems won’t become a monk by merely looking at a peaceful picture everyday, but it’s about respecting your subconscious mind.

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