How do we ensure a safe, hassle-free and secure life for us? We look around and see what’s ‘normal’ and just follow it. We think that following today’s normal will give us peace and hence, we are advised to follow the crowd. Even organizations follow the current ‘trends’ and think that imitating others will keep them safe. However, a key part of understanding trends is listening to the voices and ideas that are mocked and silenced today. A violent or vehement reaction to an idea says a lot about the society. The more aggressively you try to mock or silence that idea, the more you are afraid of it. Why does society react so negatively to an idea? Why do some people use violence to tell a minority that they are wrong? It’s probably because of their fear that the minority is right. It is probably because the idea is too powerful. The violent reactions of religious fanatics in India is because of the growing minority of people who do not believe in God. Feminists are mocked and trolled today because there is fear of women liberating themselves from patriarchy.
However, the ideas which are considered blasphemous today could become the new ‘normal’ tomorrow. If you think about the ideas that are ‘normal’ today, you will realize that most of them were ‘unacceptable’ at some point in history. What’s interesting is that the idea of women’s emancipation was ‘shocking’ at one point (it still is). But today, women empowerment is used to sell products.

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