Let’s get this straight: Mothers who are with a child 24*7 are not always the best mothers. And yes, a lot of working mothers are not always the best mothers as well. There are mothers who spend all their time with their children and bring them up wonderfully. There are working mothers who take good care of their kids AND do their job well. There is no formula. If you want to want to raise your child well, you will do it, whether you are working or not. It’s about your willingness and determination. But society seems to have a problem with working mothers. I agree (and working mothers agree too) that during the crucial years, someone has to be with the child, but blaming women for planning their return to workplaces is something that needs to change because:

1. A mother cannot give happiness to her child if she is not happy. If a woman finds fulfillment and happiness in work and you are depriving that from her, then you are indirectly taking away happiness from a child.
2. Mothers who work will be probably less dependent (emotionally) on their children. When a woman’s only job is to sacrifice herself for her children and husband, she feels bitter when her expectations are not. But if she finds happiness in her work and has achieved something, she won’t burden her kids with stuff like “you pay more attention to your wife” or “i did so much for you and you are so ungrateful”, etc.
3. A mother who works will probably have more practical knowledge about the world and can raise her kids with a realistic worldview. Of course, those who don’t work also know the harsh realities of life, but when you meet more people, you hear more perspectives.
4. A woman who works may not put up with abusive marriage because she is financially independent. We all know women who are still in physically and emotionally abusive marriages because there is no way out. The person who suffers the most in such cases is the child.
But wait…why do we always debate about working mothers? What about fathers? Why are fathers only fathers, and not working fathers? Because it is a rule that men have to work , right ? When it comes to women, work is optional, right? But it’s weird because society always condemns working mothers by saying that motherly care is more important for the child. So, when it comes to taking care of the child, it’s okay if father plays a secondary role, right? Then why does society shame single mothers? Why are single mothers told that they are ‘depriving’ their child of father’s love? I am not saying that father’s love is less important or inferior to mother’s love. The problem is that society changes its own rules and logic to oppress women. Let’s get this straight: Both fathers and mothers are capable of giving love to their child and it’s a matter of dividing duties.

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