Alan Watts, who is quite clever when it comes to writing about the human condition, talks about the cycle of worry. He says that worrying is bizarre because you are worried about being worried. Say you are worried about a particular problem in your life. As if this is not enough, you are bombarded with scientific studies which say that worrying is not good for health at all. They say that worrying leads to diabetes, heart diseases and many other health issues. So now, you are worried because you are worried. How can you worry when worrying itself poses health risk? Isn’t this weird? You worry about survival but what if worrying itself is a threat to survival? So you worry about not having enough money. You are unable to exercise or take care of your health because you are worried and depressed. Ironically, this worry could increase your expenses…you might suffer from stress related diseases or you might have to get some counseling. I am worried about eating sugar but what if the stress related to eating or not eating causes diabetes?


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