Dear uncool girl,

I know you want to be cool. I know you want to be admired and accepted. You are probably thinking about fairness creams, tattoos, clothes and weight-loss programmes. But here’s a secret of cool people that nobody will tell you: You don’t become cool because of what you wear or the color of your skin or your hair color. You become cool when you say, ” You know what? I might be the only person who likes this thing but I am going to stick to it, no matter what. Even if I have to be alone.” You become cool when you no longer give a damn about what people think about you. Confidence is attractive. People marry obedience but they secretly have an affair with confidence.

Don’t worry about the weighing scales. Be confident and you will find your tribe. And those who think you are uncool…they secretly believe that they are uncool.

Don’t torture yourself to be more confident. Sometimes you will feel vulnerable. Don’t hide this side of yours from your real friends. And if you don’t know who your real friends are..try revealing this side to all of your friends and you will find out your real friends from the reactions.


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