I’m not one of those people who complain about how “shallow” the modern world is. Yes, there are a lot of self-obsessed people in today’s world, but it is also a world of authenticity. I believe that every generation has its own strengths and weaknesses…and labeling an entire generation and reducing it to negative stereotypes is not cool at all. But I keep wondering if there’s something significantly different about this generation. Alain de Botton says that unlike earlier generation, today’s youngsters don’t have a God. Even if they do, they are vulnerable to doubt because of the growing number of atheists. I don’t know if getting rid of God is a good thing or not but I feel that it is extremely difficult to replace this idea. The idea of something ‘sacred’ is powerful. In religion, sacredness is often confused with purity and probably, that is one of the reasons why there is so much fanaticism. But seeing something as “sacred” has profound effect on the way we live our lives. For example: You might feel that the activity of writing is sacred. You might feel like you are  “home” when you write. However, it is possible that you might feel reverence…a deep sense of respect for writing. This is different from passion or even love.  You love this activity but there is also a sense of awe and devotion.  I feel that what “this” generation is looking for is that sacred activity/place/person. When you feel that something is “sacred”, you don’t abuse that activity/place/ thing/ person and you don’t abuse yourself. Sacredness is not about right or wrong or perfection or religion. It is just something that feels “holy” to you: It could be solitude, an idea or a person.


2 thoughts on “In search of sacredness

  1. ah sush. i love this! i was just thinking some things should be sacred and that in the speed of today’s world everything becomes stale so quickly that i feel like before i can actually start to take in the essence of something, considering it is sacred to me and hence worthy of much importance and attention, i’m already opening 4 other tabs in my mind thereby losing the essence of the task i first set out to treat with reverence and holiness. i don’t know if others struggle with finding something sacred. i think i struggle with keeping it sacred probably because i take it for granted that those sacred things exist in abundance and might just be a click away. i take for granted the idea of their existence. i wonder if people from this generation act in similar ways. i don’t spend time thinking of the wonder that the internet is – because to me it is easily available. but there was a time when hand-written letters were “sacred” and maybe the post or the telegraph were almost wondrous inventions. similarly i guess the more we progress technologically, the more difficult it might get to believe in the idea of god. the human brain might be the most sacred thing to exist. maybe that’ll be the new god. or there are other gods or sacred activities that this generation has like tv shows or video games. i guess i’m talking about collective gods or cults. but maybe everyone does have something sacred – for a program developer it could be her coding. for a salesperson it could be the late night hours where they really get their best marketing ideas. wow i’m feeling positive again haha. i meandered there a lot but i guess you are right – the idea of sacredness is very deeply entrenched within us i suppose. i guess only the degree of our need for and the definition of sacredness varies. and what an important point there (for me) – the distinction between sacredness, passion and love. i often conflate them and use them fluidly but they can be quite different although they can be integrated to create something bigger. the way i understand it now, i feel like passion is separate from sacredness in the sense that it is more spontaneous and quick and raw, maybe untamed. passion seems relatively younger in spirit, maybe like fire. sacredness, on the other hand, seems to be this ancient feeling of a deep calmness, respect and holiness you feel towards something/someone. it’s like an archetypal need. it seems patient and healing. kind of old. kind of like water. it seems to have traversed through many histories and timelines and to have become that much slower and finer. i could be wrong but that’s how i interpret it. anyway, thank you for writing this. btw, i really like your style of writing. it seems very non-coercive, straightforward without romantic embellishments, and very free-flowing. solid food for thought. it really makes me stop and think. i’m very glad i get to read it.


    1. Yes. I feel that the hero worship that we have is a search for sacredness. The outrage that we see when a ‘God-like’ celebrity is criticized is probably coming from a fear that the person whom we think is “sacred” is less than perfect.

      The word “ancient” is one of the first words that comes to my mind when I think about sacredness. Sometimes you feel like bowing down (not necessarily physically) to some kind of spirit. You feel fearless, grateful and content. You are right…passion is probably a little unstable (which is okay)..but sacredness is wise.

      Thank you for your appreciation. It is really encouraging to know that someone is reading these posts. Thank you for your insightful comments as well!


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