After a long time, I happened to watch the Bollywood movie ‘Baazigar’ which is about a guy, whose family is cheated and humiliated by a cunning man. So this guy plots an elaborate plan to teach the man a lesson. One part of his plan is to make the man’s elder daughter fall in love with him and kill her. And then, he gets engaged to his younger daughter and eventually gets his revenge. In the end, you get a feeling that the filmmakers are justifying what the person did.
The problem with revenge is that the person seeking it always assumes that the other party is a separate, independent entity. In the above case, the guy has a problem with his father but it is his daughters who are sacrificed in the name of revenge. You might say that you will seek revenge in a way that will *only* hurt that particular person  but that’s just not possible! Human beings have connections and our actions cause chain reactions. You cannot harm that person without harming an innocent life.
The same thing applies to justice. If you find out that a family member of yours is guilty of child sexual abuse, you might want to stay silent because at the end of the day, he/she is a part of your family. But remember that he/she is a part of the society too..and your decision to not speak up  might affect the lives of other children.

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