1.  The manipulator’s main aim is to control his victims and one of the ways he achieves this goal is by making people dependent on them. This is different from care and support. The idea here is to make the other person so dependent that he/she finds it difficult to do anything without the manipulator. Once the person is dependent, the manipulator can easily control the victim.

2. A manipulator will punish you for saying “no”. Example: Withdrawing love from the victim.
3. A manipulator can be too friendly and too caring. She will help you those things that you are very well capable of doing. She will use this “kindness” to control her victim.
4. A manipulator uses “Sorry” and “Thank You” without actually meaning them. Most of the times, the people who use these words TOO much are manipulative because those who truly value these words won’t use them SO much.
5. Manipulative people have problem acknowledging their needs and desires.
6. They will always use the “I have done so much for you” card to manipulate you.
7. Guilt/Shaming is one of the most popular strategies of manipulators. Example: Godmen shaming “ordinary people” for their “material” desires.

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