This is a graphic novel about a lesbian relationship, which became hugely popular after it was adapted into a movie. Since I have watched the movie (click) before I read the novel, I knew the story. But what I was curious about was the treatment. Is the book better than the movie? I honestly can’t say. I believe that the movie had taken a “leap” like David Fincher did with ‘Fight Club’. However, like I said in my post about the movie, I felt the actresses were a little objectified (BUT, it has been a while since I watched the film, so…). The book did meet my expectations and it left me teary-eyed  This is only my second graphic novel, so I am not well-acquainted with the genre..but the book moved me. The film has a lot of discussions between the two women which is missing in the book. There is also no focus on the professions and other personal details of the women. That’s where the filmmaker has done a wonderful job of filling up the gaps. The novel makes me want to revisit the film.


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