The worst part of depression is that it sucks out all hope and makes you feel powerless. You keep hearing motivational quotes but none of them make sense. Your mind completely overwhelms you. You also have a lot of expectations from life and the more you think about your unfulfilled dreams, the more miserable you feel about your life. Different people have different strategies to deal with the problem and the effectiveness of the solutions depend on their personality and life experiences. One of the strategies that one can use is the simple idea of making small choices.

Making a choice is powerful but in depression, you are at mercy of our mind’s whims. To start feeling more powerful, you can CONSCIOUSLY make choices in areas that you still have control (Of course, you are making choices all the time, but you are not exactly conscious of them). It can be as small as choosing what content you will allow on your Facebook feed or what you will have for dinner or where you will put that flower vase of yours. These are not life-changing choices, but when you CONSCIOUSLY choose something, you feel powerful. The idea is to make as many choices you can..concentrate on quantity first..and even keep a count of the number of choices you make everyday. Maybe, you can even set a target of the number of choices that you will make each day. This way, you will see possibilities that didn’t exist before. If you can be patient, then you will slowly start making ‘tougher’ choices because you have now programmed your mind to look for opportunities.

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