They say that a true friend is the one who stands by you during your tough times. It is true that our failures reveal the “real” faces of our friends. However, it doesn’t reveal everything. It might happen that your friend is standing by you (during your tough time) because she feels sorry for you or because she wants to go to heaven or because she is a manipulative person who helps people so that they become dependent on her. In short, both good and bad times reveal and hide something. 

When you and your friend are in a problem-free phase, you enjoy the pure pleasure of each other’s company. Problems make you self-absorbed but when things are going well, you can pay attention to the other person. There is no obligation or commitment…you are with the other person because you feel happy.

We talk a lot about “fake friends” of ours who “change” when we fail. However, success also reveals our true friends. Sometimes, it is easier to emphathise with a friend’s failure than appreciate his success. 

There is probably no formula to determine whether your friend is “real” or “fake”.  Human beings change all the time and it’s not always possible to predict someone’s behaviour with incomplete information. 


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