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I expect a lot from Richard Bach. He is one of those few souls who comes across as a dreamer without sounding like annoying self-help authors (like Robin Williams?). So when I found this obscure book in the library, I picked it up without a second thought. The synopsis seemed interesting: 50-year-old Bach finds his 9-year-old self, who asks him to teach whatever he has learned in his life so that he doesn’t have to ‘waste’ his life in trial and error to find out the ‘right’ way of living. Bach is initially reluctant to face the child in him because he has locked the most shameful and painful emotions inside his unconscious mind and lived a life driven by the intellect. But the child shakes up his world and makes him face his these emotions. Bach sets out to teach what he has learned in life to the boy…Richard is an adventurer, a deep thinker and one of those rare people who tries to build a bridge between the intellect and intuition. In the process of teaching, the student becomes the teacher and the teacher becomes the student.

It is always a pleasure to read words of wisdom, but for me, this book was a little too preachy. While reading Richard’s other works, I got a feeling that he had no desire to ‘convert’ his readers. However, I felt as if he was trying a little too hard to sell his idea of the universe to readers. I must say that I didn’t understand a lot of things that he talked about (like reincarnation, soul etc). It was like reading a religious book. However, the spirit of the book stays with you. You realize how many walls you have built between your social and your original self. This book finds a balance between the magic of childhood and the practicalities and responsibilities of adulthood.

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