​In ‘Freedom Writers’, Hillary Swank, who plays the inspiring teacher Erin Gruwell  says that real revolutions happen inside the classroom.  Such quotes are often shared on September 5 but most of us underestimate a teacher has on children.

Parents are the first strangers that a child meets after she arrives on this planet. Parents are more powerful than the child and what they do with this power has a massive impact on the child’s ideas of power and vulnerability. After parents and some relatives,  the teacher is probably the person with the most power. This relationship is significant because the child is now moving outside and encountering strangers and power. These two factors rule our decisions, don’t they? For e.g. We are afraid of what politicians (strangers) will do (power) to our country. We either feel safe or insecure in the world and a lot of it has got to do with how strangers with power behaved with us when we were kids.  If these people abused their power, then we will have problems in forming relationships because each relationship begins with two (or more) strangers. 

If the teacher manages to empower his students then the kids will grow up with confidence, self-respect and compassion. The world will be an imperfect place where you learn and get better. If the teacher uses his power for ego trips then the child grows up feeling insecure…she will be afraid of other people’s power. This creates the desire to be more powerful than others  but the obsession with power itself makes you powerless


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