​So many of our fears are rooted in the fear of what we will think. When we worry about losing our loved ones, a major part of our worry lies in what we will think in such dreadful situation. A person who is addicted to something is anxious about what she will think once she is free from addiction. There is so much of empty space once the addiction is gone! So we do things. When we do things, we have something to think about. If I read instead of sitting idle, I can think about something. But if I dont, then I would have to confront that empty space again. So we get entangled in doing things so that we don’t have to think about what to think. This fear of empty space is also a worry about our survival. What if we lose ourselves in this empty space and become mad? 
But the empty space is clever. The more we “do” things to run away from the empty space, the larger it becomes. Doing things without confronting this space will only result in frustration. We then try to “destress” ourselves because we have stuffed our lives with activities. We now have TOO many things to think about..which is actually another way of shutting down your brain.


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