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I hardly watch TV and I don’t really have the patience to religiously follow a web series. But I happened to read about this web series called ‘The Other Love Story’ which looked quite interesting. It is revolutionary in a way because it is the first same-sex web series in India and as expected, the makers didn’t get a backing from the conventional routes. Director Roopa Rao opted for crowd sourcing and succeeded in raising the amount that she needed. The web series consists of 12 episodes (5 of them are already out on YouTube) and they are of very short duration.

Set in the ’90s, the story revolves around Aadya and Aanchal, who stay in the same neighborhood in Bangalore. Aanchal is a free spirit who is stifled by traditions and family. She asks for Aadya number within minutes of their first meeting. Aadya, on the other hand, is a little reserved and prefers to keep a distance between herself and the world around her. However, the two become good friends.
The actresses, Spoorthi Gumaste and Shweta Gupta, are exceptional. The chemistry between the two is endearing. Shweta has such an innocent face and she is absolutely charming as Aanchal. Spoorthi looks exactly like the girls in the ’90s…Aadya is perhaps more mature than Aanchal but she can be childlike too.
I don’t think words can do justice to the beauty of the web series. Roopa Rao proves that one doesn’t need big budget to make something that touches people’s lives. She also pays tribute to the ’90s era with landlines, love letters, college bunking and many other little things. I really hope that more people watch this series…because it truly is a labor of love.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Other’ Love Story

  1. hi, Is this a real story?

    Honestly, I & My partner had watched the whole episodes and we can relate our life in these series. Isn’t strange I’m in london and my partner is in India but here this episodes are not working. Anyways i love the concept. And yes we love this series as she found ourself in this series. Thanks for making the series. I hope you make the movie..


    1. Hi! I think there is a misunderstanding here. I am not the director of the series 😛 (if that’s what you are implying)! The name of the filmmaker is Roopa Rao and I am not connected to her in any way. This was just a post of appreciation.


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