To write poetry, you have to put everything you know at risk and walk into the unknown. Or worse, you have to prepare yourself to encounter those things that you already know but don’t want to admit that you know. There is no certainty…you may finally find the courage to stare at your shame, fears and insecurities but there is no guarantee that your feelings will find the right verses. In prose, you can be clever and manipulative but in poetry, you are naked and you cannot lie. To write poetry, you have to be that naked, helpless child who enters the world and is both terrified and fascinated by it.

Poetry is not for cowards. Poetry is not for the fearless either. Poetry is for those who have a unique ability to be vulnerable and strong at the same time.

You don’t write poetry for others. You don’t write poetry for yourself either.
A poet begins writing a poem by giving up control to the life force within all of us..only to realize that ‘giving up control’ or ‘not having control’ is absurd because it assumes that the poet and life are separate.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t write poetry

  1. By all means Try and let the hidden Poet in you come to light. Be the Poetry itself in the process 🙂 Poetry itself has Poet and Try together, so close that we cant tell where the ‘t’ of the poet ends and ‘t’ of the Try begins.. 🙂


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