When I was in my teens, I wanted to be talented at something. It didn’t matter whether I utilized that talent or not. It didn’t matter whether I messed up my life or even if I died without realizing my potential..at least I would be remembered as a “talented kid who could have accomplished so much”. I guess it’s not just me. Talent is attractive, magical. Theists say talent is a gift from God. It is this mystery and the aura around talent that makes it so seductive.

Perhaps, I wanted to be talented because I didn’t want to work too hard. But why did I assume that  talented people don’t work hard? In a way, talent makes things easier, but it also makes things difficult. Both talented and less-talented ones have to work hard. Perhaps, the talented one will have it easy in some areas but it requires commitment and discipline to manage talent. One has to make the effort to not get too carried away. Having an extraordinary ability can be a disadvantage because you start panicking once you have to learn something that doesn’t come easily to you. All human beings have to learn things that don’t come naturally to them. There are so many things involved in the process of presenting your talent to the world. You might be a talented pianist but playing the piano is only one part of your craft. You also have to build relationships with people who believe in your talent, find ways to showcase your talent etc. Perhaps, this is the reason why some insanely talented people don’t do justice to their talent…they are so used to “being talented” or “being a genius” that being an amateur or a student is terrifying for them. It is this belief that hard work is the opposite of talent, that creates pressure, both among hard-working and talented people. However, all our achievements are a combination of both. No human being is talented at everything. There are some skills that come naturally to us and then there are some that we have to build and nurture.

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