Should I be happy because my country conducted a surgical strikes on its arch-rival? As I was scrolling down my news feed, I saw many people in my friends’ list ‘celebrating’ the strikes. On the television, there was an obnoxious news anchor shouting patriotic slogans at the top of his lungs. And then, I came across this post which I’m sure is a forwarded message.

Dear terrorists, u dont need to cross LoC for getting killed. Army has started home delivery special festive season offer! 
I’m not here to condemn or support the attack. I don’t want to lecture about non-violence but at the same time I’m feeling uncomfortable with the idea of ‘celebrating’ violence…even if the people killed are terrorists. What’s sad is people abusing those who do not agree with the decision to attack. They are being called ‘anti-national’ and their patriotism is questioned. There is also a hint of one-upmanship here. This celebration of ‘revenge’ is actually pretty scary. It’s disheartening to see certain news channels fueling the hatred. This doesn’t look like a fight for compassion and peace (maybe those who conducted the operations wanted peace but the people who are ‘celebrating’ seem to have some other ideas). This looks like toxic masculinity. In a culture where toxic masculinity is encouraged, there is an enormous pressure to prove that you are not a ‘sissy’, that you are not vulnerable. Toxic masculinity encourages people to ‘own’, ‘dominate’, ‘possess’, ‘conquer’ their fellow human beings or nature.  A rapist getting a strict punishment is a good thing for a country, but as Rachel Dawes says in ‘Batman Begins’, there is a difference between justice and revenge. It’s good to pay tribute to soldiers who saved our lives but to feel powerful because you killed someone is not patriotism.

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