Working for a startup is both a boon and a curse. Basically, a startup combines everything that human beings DO NOT like: long hours of work, risk, low salary and unpredictability. However, there is a thrill in making things work against all odds. You discover patience and resilience inside you. Your social and personal life goes for a toss but the satisfaction you gain is priceless. Those who work for startups develop skills which can be used in other areas of life (e.g mental toughness, more risk-taking ability, listening to your intuition). I feel the most invaluable skill that one learns is grit. The startup that I work for has decided to shut shop today and what’s surprising is that I’m not feeling ‘ashamed’, which is usually my default feeling when I fail or the people who are connected to me fail. There is sadness but I’m just awed by the way people run startups. We all read about startups but starting your own company is a different thing altogether. Failure is not sweet but if you have started a venture, you should be super-proud of yourself.


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