We often talk about the freedom and beauty of childhood and how it all changes when you become an adult. We say that adulthood exposes us to harsh realities of life and stresses us out with responsibilities. We talk to children in a condescending manner (“it’s not child’s play”) because we believe that childhood is a joyride. However, childhood also exposes us to harsh realities. Think about this a minute: we came into this world like aliens. We had no say in our birth. We had no idea about this planet and the people who inhabit it. We were helpless…completely dependent on parents and the society. In a way, surviving childhood can be as difficult as adulthood because most of the things that adults do is distraction from nothingness. We are afraid of boredom and emptiness that we have stuffed our lives with pleasure and activities. A child, on the other hand, has to rely on his/her imagination to survive. A child doesn’t have theories or logic or tools to deal with the world and the problems and hence, he/she derives strength from the interconnectedness of the universe. A child lacks knowledge but relies on intuition. A child is vulnerable because more often than not, he/she cannot communicate his/her feelings in an articulate way. In a way, he/she is more alone than an adult and once again, it’s the imagination that becomes a refuge for the child.


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