There was a time when I judged bad ideas but after working on creative jobs, I empathize with great artists who sometimes make terrible stuff. A lot of people want to leave their jobs and do something creative. But the problem with a creative job is that you are often expected to be a machine which churns out innovative ideas every day. No matter how disciplined you are, you can never eliminate the element of uncertainty that comes with creative thinking. Sometimes you are “in the zone” and you effortlessly come up with brilliant ideas. Sometimes, you are stuck and you start doubting your talent and (sometimes) your sanity. You wanted a creative job but now you have to deliver “results” before the deadline. There is a lot of anxiety and stress because you want to crack an out-of-the-box idea. But then, you have to think about the people who are waiting for that idea to pop up in your head: The people who will execute your idea and the people who will sell their product/service because of your idea. You want to tell them that you are trying your best but the problem is that you cannot prove that you are working hard! The invisible labor adds to the pressure and you might even start blaming yourself for not cracking the problem. But the truth is that you cannot always control creativity as it has a will of its own. You have to sometimes respect the mood and sometimes settle with an imperfect idea. This might sound blasphemous to idealistic freshers but this is the only way to survive. This doesn’t mean you don’t toil hard for your idea and aim for perfection…it just means that you respect other people’s needs and try to balance your vision of excellence with deadlines.


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