Photo: Jungle Key

‘My Brother..Nikhil’ is a story of a swimming champion who has everything going for him: He is handsome, charming and his parents’ favorite. But one day, he finds out that he is HIV positive. He also happens to be gay. The revelation shocks his parents who throw him out of the house. However, his sister and his boyfriend stand by him. The film is about Nikhil’s battle against an insensitive society which alienates him and treats him like an untouchable. The film is also about the strong bond between the brother and the sister.

Director Onir knows how to talk about complex issues with subtlety and sensitivity. There are times when two characters want to discuss something private and the third person completely understands the need for privacy and gets out of the way. There is also a moment in a song where there is an insect on Purab Kohli’s shirt…another director might have asked for a retake but I liked how Onir decided to keep it in the film. The pain of an outcast is empathetically portrayed. One doesn’t have to know a HIV positive person to understand the pain of Nikhil as the isolation is something we all have experienced in our lives. If you are planning to watch a movie on the New Year’s Eve then you can choose this one.

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