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Rupi Kaur became a social media sensation because of her poetry and her Instagram photos (one of which was the famous period stain picture which was earlier taken down by Instagram). ‘Milk and Honey’ is a collection of her poems. Some of them have illustrations too. Kaur’s poems on body hair, self-love, feminism and abuse tugged at my heartstrings. It’s great to see a young woman using a modern tool like social media to bring the old world charm of poetry.

I always believe that poetry is one of the hardest art forms because one doesn’t have the space to fake it. If you are writing about heartbreak and you haven’t really experienced it deeply, then the readers will know. Kaur’s writing is beautiful because it is coming straight from her heart. Barring a few poems, most of her work is poignant. If you are planning to read her poetry, I would urge you to not judge it through objective tools of evaluation. Her work has to be seen in a larger context. Putting up an Instagram picture or sharing your poem on Facebook is not revolutionary but sometimes, it has the power to make someone feel less alone.


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