What is common between Woody Allen, Donald Trump, Casey Affleck, and Arunubh Kumar? All these men are famous and all of them have been accused of sexually harassing girls/women. We still don’t know whether they are guilty or not but what’s frightening is some people’s reactions to the allegations. Some people have dismissed the allegations saying that the women who have spoken up are doing it for ‘publicity’ and ‘destroying’ careers of talented men. I would like to ask these people to just look at the facts. Have these allegations destroyed any careers? Donald Trump is the president of the US. Casey Affleck just won a fucking Oscar. Woody Allen is regarded as “one of the greatest filmmakers of all time”.

Some have commented asking why these women didn’t speak up before. These people need to understand that speaking up against sexual harassment is not easy. And when the person in question is a powerful man, the odds are completely stacked against the woman. So please think before commenting about sexual harassment and invalidating a woman’s sexual harassment story.


2 thoughts on “The problem with our reactions to sexual harrassment allegations

  1. It is so bloody annoying Sushmita. I actually needed a break from the internet. Thankfully I follow some great people so it wasn’t all blaming the women. I hope this time one is brought to justice.


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