I often hear people using the word ‘uneducated’ as an insult during debates.  First of all, not everyone can afford to get quality education, so it’s not someone’s fault if he/she is not educated. Secondly, education cannot really stop anybody from becoming an asshole (Many highly educated men have been accused of rape). Sure, it can impart the right values but I’m skeptical about our education system doing this job. Our education system is mainly designed around obedience, conformity and jobs, so teaching the important things definitely take a back seat. And even if the education system is doing a fabulous job, using the word ‘uneducated’ as an insult is like mocking someone for not knowing English. 


One thought on “The problem with using ‘uneducated’ as an insult

  1. Not everyone can get/afford the education. A person who does not have any formal education can be far better in terms of knowledge and humanity than a person having a PhD and no humanity. A case in point is late Srinivas Ramanujan.
    These days many a times highly educated people behave like cavemen.


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