To old people who criticize ‘today’s music’: Many a times, your criticism has got nothing to do with the music itself. We all want to go back to our childhood and adolescent days. If you ask me, I would say that the 90’s music was better than today’s music but that’s because I have some amazing memories associated with it. Objectively speaking, every generation produces good music but we tend to be biased towards the music we grew up to and it is understandable. Childhood and¬†adolescence is a time when we experience many things for the first time in our life (e.g friendship, love, heartbreak etc) and the music that we listened to was an expression of our emotions. Instead of criticizing ‘today’s’ music, we should respect each generation’s need and right to express itself. Let’s stop bullying the younger generation by saying stuff like, “today’s music is crap”.


One thought on “To old people who criticize ‘today’s music’

  1. Exactly. I loved why this kolaveri di song. I never understood why people had to despise that song . And then when I saw gagnam style somg, I myself judged it as crap. But after hearing it a few times, I realized there is something about the song , the beat or something that made me realize, people including myself don’t totally hate that song. But I still won’t say I like gagnam style. But kolaveri di, I always have and always will.


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