They made fun of you. They refused to include you in their group. You didn’t fit anywhere. You came back from school, switched on your TV and found solace in the voice of a man who mostly sang depressing songs. Many mocked his band as it talked about the same thing in every damn song. But in a world where every second song is about romance and heartbreak, here was a band that wrote songs about insecurities and negativity. Yes, there are better singers than Chester Bennington. Yes, there are better bands than Linkin Park. But Linkin Park and Chester Bennington are special because they gave a voice to the misfits and the outcasts. Pop culture is full of “positive” messages and make-believe stuff. Just look at the “blockbuster” list and you will see that most films are about hope. To sing about despair in such a culture and become successful is no mean feat. You will be missed, Chester Bennington.


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